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Private Chef services, Catering and Fresh Soups made from scratch is what James Adams and Absolute Catering has to offer. Serving the Santa Barbara, CA area since 1999 we provide great tasting food that's prepared fresh with the highest quality of ingredients. Treat yourself today with a nutritious meal from our weekly soup menu.



No Soup this Week!


$14 per Qt plus $1 delivery

can be ordered without pasta upon rerquest


I make one soup per week and I sell them by the quart.  I update the website and send a text or e-mail to you on Saturdays alerting you to the weekly soup offering. If you are interested in purchasing soup please order by Tuesday before noon. After receiving orders, I prepare the soup on Wednesday and Thursday and then deliver to your house or workplace on Friday from 9am -12 noon.

I charge $1 for delivery or you can pick up Thursday evenings at 6 PM free of charge. For payment I take Cash or Checks made to Absolute Catering or Credit Cards through PayPal.  To pay with PayPal, I need your e-mail address to send you a PayPal invoice.

If you want your soup delivered and you will not be home please place a cooler with ice outside your house and I will place the soups in there. 

For pick up, our pick up location is:

Hollister/ Patterson area

SB  CA  93111

Call for address